eBook Creation and Marketing

The readers need content to read while the budding authors and writers want their stories published. Ebook Creation and Marketing is a safe platform for such writers to spread their thoughts and stories to the world. We shall follow simple steps like interviews and through the questions bring out the plot behind your story. After writing your story, we shall be taking vehement steps to promote it digitally.

Mission of the Book

A book is the most dependable source of knowledge, and the contents stimulate the mind. The primary purpose and goal are to boost and promote thoughts and ideas among the readers. Ultimately, the books are sure to brainstorm the readers with a wide range of ideas and food for life.

Book Writing

Each and every chapter will first be interviewed by the unique interview system and then elicit quality content from the mind. On behalf of the writer, we shall write the book on the basis of the received answers.

Book Editing

On requirement, the book flow and organization will be fixed by our Book Editor. Additionally, they shall also revise the book with the changes done, and then proofread to eliminate the errors. Finally, we shall be creating the author’s most yearned book.

eBook Formatting

Formatting the manuscript for the eBook, we shall convert the texts and images into a layout which the readers will find it easy to read and find it attractive to browse. The books will keep them engaged.

Book Cover Design

The book cover will be fantastic and appealing to the eye as created by our book cover designers. Even the readers would get conveyed of the book‘s essence through the catchy and convincing line on the cover page

Book Trailer Video

A fascinating one–minute trailer video of your book will stun the potential readers and bring up enthusiasm and inspiration among them.

Publishing & Distribution

The eBooks would be published on Amazon, which is inclusive of author biography, ISBN, as well as the book description which will turn you into a full-fledged author.

Verified Reviews

You shall also receive help from us with the book reviews as we would send the copies to the topmost viewers in Amazon as well as to them who should take an active interest in your book’s topic.

Book Marketing

Your books are bound to reach the maximum audience base including your targeted audience. To help you achieve your goal, we shall execute a complete digital marketing campaign.

About This Service

A secured trustworthy digital platform meant for the enthusiastic writers to express their pool of thoughts and ideas. Creation of eBooks through their viewpoints will benefit the common mass in general. When the writers get a suitable stage to bring up their inner thoughts and motives guiding their thoughts, then they are encouraging the future generation with their expression of thoughts. We are providing such thinkers cum writers with a yearned stage to publish their thoughts to books.

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