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Ezy Digital Marketing is a renowned agency which helps the website to check their rank widely in the search engine. With the help of our Rank Monitoring instrument, one can save a lot of time and effort by only putting the keyword in search engines and one can discover exactly where individual page ranks in search engine lie.

About This Service

Rank Monitoring tool is developed in such a way that it offers a great way to keep track of your websites position over a certain period of time. With the help of this, you can check your ranking history, create charts or download data to your computer and keep the track of your competitor’s position with the same search terms.

We are a team of experts

We have a team of experienced digital marketing experts and they assist an individual to identify the right keywords through web analysis-what and how people are searching the contents related to your own. If needed, we can advise you to modify the key phrases when and where needed. Their analysis on your competitors in the ever -changing world is always helpful.

We normally present a monthly or periodic report as per the terms. It is a measure of popularity that makes one’s web presence valuable in every possible way.

Track new links

With the aid of link research tool, one can easily send email notification every time a competitor gains a new link.

Content Alert

Google Alert is such a tool through which one can easily monitor the competition. One should set up an alert for a particular set of the keyword in order to see who is regularly appearing on the first page of the search engine.

Rank and keyword analysis

One should take the aid of popular SEO ranking tool like AccuRanker to track the progress of a set of keywords and the rank of your competitors

Monitoring social activity

With the help of a social listing tool like Hootsuite, one can not only track the social activity of their competitors but allows an individual to set up streams focusing on specific profile pages.

Case Studies

Let our works speak for themselves as we represent down below an accumulation of the business campaigns we have run successfully. Take a quick glance to know more about us as we wait for you to join us on an empowering journey to prosper in no time.

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